Our company, Mátyás Pince Új Ízei Kft, has been managing Mátyás Pince Restaurant since November 2008, giving a new impetus to a renowned restaurant known and praised both nationally and internationally. For over two years, the building has undergone several extensive renovations, including the reconstruction of the entrance and the reception area, the refurbishing of the kitchen, the replacement of the air conditioning and extraction systems.

Working tirelessly and with the help of its experienced staff, the restaurant?s management does everything in its power to cater to the whims of all its guests.
Using the ingredients and technologies that allow us to meet the expectations of our times as well as those of our guests, our kitchen offers the best of Hungarian cuisine all while keep in touch with its great traditions. Our uniquely planned Menu, translated into 6 languages, offers not only classic dishes, but offers a range of recipes made from good old-fashioned Hungarian ingredients side by side with the imaginative delicacies of contemporary Hungarian cuisine. Our selection of drinks includes not only the finest Hungarian wines, but also specialities from the more than 300-year old pálinka distillery in Gyula.

We keep track of the needs and observations of our guests, and greatly value this information.
MINDEN JOG FENNTARTVA © | 1056 Budapest, Március 15. tér 7. - nyitva: 11:00 - 24:00 | info@matyaspince.hu